Team Building Activities On Boats

Team Building Activities On Boats

Outdoor team building trips have proven to be an effective way of recharging the batteries of members of a team and enhancing their productivity, both as individuals and as a team. More often than not, indoor corporate events are all about formally building a team which does not leave any room for the much-needed creativity that most teams lack. There has always been a trend of organizing outdoor events to help members of a team get to know each other and develop long lasting relationships. These days, there are a number of services that allow corporate organizations to hold their parties, meetings and other team activities on boats, a trend that is gaining rapid popularity.

Businesses that deal in these services have live entertainment, catered food and other similar activities planned on board depending on the needs of organization that is hiring them. Such fun filled and casual outings with colleagues go a long way when it comes to refreshing the minds as well as keeping tabs with work. While some organizations hire boats and yachts for a couple of days and have all the planned activities on the boats, others only use boats and yachts as a means to travel to an exotic destination where the retreat has been planned. Regardless of how these boat trips are planned, they offer a number of advantages to the performance and morale of the team.

Take Your Much-needed Break Exploring The High Seas

Most corporate team members work long and stressful hours where there are limited opportunities to actually get to know each other better. This is when team building trips come to play where tem members have no work responsibilities to talk about and deadlines to meet.

Such trips can lift the team’s morale and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better. The joy that team members feel on these events is carried back to the workplace where increased levels of productivity can be observed.

Explore Loads Of Fun Activities

The best way to make the most out of boat trips with team members is to put an effort and design a series of group activities where each member has to participate. These do not need to be anything formal. They could range from short boat competitions to any other kind of water-related fun sports.

In fact, team members prefer being involved in fun-filled activities on such events. However, what needs to be kept in focus is that these activities should be directed towards creating better and more efficient teams.

Hire A Motivational Speaker

While it is important to have some fun at such team building trips, the sense of purpose should not be left behind in any way. In between the group activities on the boat trip, a motivational session can be planned which highlights the importance of team building and working together to achieve a common goal.

This will keep the team building activity more streamlined and will allow the team members to not become unfocused. You can make the most of it by having the speeches offshore as opposed to onshore. This is an excellent way of getting the members to be more attentive.

Have Complementary Activities To Engage In

Whether you choose to travel to a remote destination or have the boat trips as retreat, it is important to plan a range of team and individual activities to keep the teams engaged while having fun at the same time.

Board games, interactive question sessions, scavenger hunts, and answers sessions and cooking together on the trip can prove to be healthy team building activities to plan on boat trips with professional teams.


One rule that needs to be followed on such team building trips is that for those couple of days each member of the team forgets their titles and responsibilities. Doing so will help in highlighting leadership potential among the team members who usually get overshadowed by the bosses and managers at work.